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Brian Coney Brian Coney


Some time ago I joined Fleet Lions; they are a great group of people doing their best to help those in need and as a by-product entertain the residents of Fleet. Unbelievable though it may be I am actually good at organising events. I became treasurer of Wrecclesham Youth Club way back in the 60s and because of my background later became treasurer of Fleet and District Community Association also involved in youth work and the early days of ‘The Point’. I am now also the Treasurer for Fleet Phoenixbut additionally I am still involved in lots of the community events in Fleet.

Dawn Watson Dawn Watson


I moved to Fleet 7 years ago to start a new life and have a fresh start. However, I didn’t know anyone here or anything about the area. I was told about Fleet Phoenix, which was then known as ‘The Point’ where I was looked after and made to feel like part of the team. Two years later I decided to volunteer for the junior youth group Hypelet. I then became a Young Person Representative Trustee for the charity a year later.

Warren Parsons Warren Parsons


I am married with two children and have lived in the Hart area for the majority of my life.

 As a young person growing up in Fleet, I faced many challenges and although I successfully navigated my way through them, it would have been much easier with the support of an organisation like Fleet Phoenix. So when I heard about the charity and its goals and ambitions I was very keen to join as a trustee.

I am also involved in other local youth orientated activities and organisations as I really believe modern young people in our ever changing and challenging world need as much support and opportunities that they can get.

Fleet Phoenix is an incredible, friendly, supportive and knowledgeable local youth support charity and I am proud to be a small part of it.

Luke Wood Luke Wood


The staff of Fleet Phoenix have played many different roles in my life over the last 9 years. For example, I entered the “Big Sis” house, a project that was run out of The Point Youth Centre annually for 5 years. It provided me with a lifetime of memories; including not to trust a monkey………probably best not to ask!

In my teenage years the Friday and Saturday night projects provided me with a safe place to be, have fun with my friends and start to learn about topics that effect young people’s lives……including my own. They also provided me with no end of support through various events in my life and sign posted me to the music project so that I could be more constructive with my time.

I’m now at a stage where I really appreciate all that they did for me and want to support others with the same opportunities. I volunteer at Hypelet and have become a Trustee for the Charity. Through issues that the Charity faced recently I decided to become a Fleet Town Councillor to see how I can further support the charity and local community. 

Sonja Gahan Sonja Gahan


I initially became involved with the team in 2010 as a volunteer, this was back when The Point was ran by Hampshire County Council and Charlotte was the area manager. I continued to volunteer when austerity measures meant that the youth service locally was going to be reduced dramatically and Charlotte decided to found the charity. In one way or another I've been with the team from the charity's inception; as a volunteer, a youth worker, fundraiser and now as a Trustee. I was brought up in Fleet and until recently have always worked and lived in Hart. Being a part of Fleet Phoenix has given me opportunities to give back to my home community and support the people living here.

John Prendergast John Prendergast


I have worked and lived in Fleet for most of my adult life and I have a son who has grown up in the Fleet area but unfortunately I have seen him face some difficult times. I first came across Fleet Phoenix when I was looking for some help and support for myself and my son. On my first visit to Fleet Phoenix, I was sceptical that the support they were offering was going to work as I had been passed around other services with very little positive outcomes. How wrong I was - from first meeting, the Fleet Phoenix team made me feel that positive things and outcomes were not far away. Since then, they have helped both my son and I develop, overcome challenges, become a family and most of all, put trust back into the community.

Because of all the help and support my family received, I asked to join the board of trustees. I feel that this is my opportunity to help make a difference to other families, give something back to my community and continue to offer any support that the charity may need going forward.