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We Believe

In building strong communities.

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Fleet Phoenix creates opportunities for early intervention with young people in Hart district to break down barriers and empower the community to thrive. To deliver on this mission we coordinate music projects, youth clubs and mentoring projects as well as community outreach programmes to the young people of rural and urban Hart district.


Welcome to Fleet Phoenix.

What People Say About Us


The volunteers have shown love and compassion towards everyone. The help I have received through Fleet Phoenix has been amazing and I couldn’t have held myself together if it wasn’t for them


Thank you so much, you guys have brought me to tears. I’ve never had anyone think of us like you all have. My son asked me yesterday, “Why do they love us so much?” Bless him.


This is the start of something great for the young people of Fleet and we’re very grateful to have such a robust and effective organisation on our doorstep.

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