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About Us

Fleet Phoenix creates opportunities for early intervention with young people in Hart to break down barriers and empower the community to thrive. To deliver on this mission Fleet Phoenix coordinates music projects, youth clubs and mentoring projects as well as community outreach programmes to the young people of rural and urban Hart district.

Our Story

Our Story

Fleet Phoenix was founded in 2011 as a response to youth services being cut both locally and nationally. As services came to a halt, the vulnerable youth of the area were left without support or anywhere to go to get help.  As a response to the situation, an experienced team of dedicated local youth workers committed to ensuring the resurrection of much needed support for young people by setting up Fleet Phoenix.


We created sessions in response to identified needs of vulnerable young people, the community and the new charity's partners.


We offered a flexible and creative response to the ongoing needs of the community. The aim was to support young people whoever they are and whatever they are going through, before they experienced crisis point, but the lack of support in the area meant that our first few years were spent firefighting to help the most at risk.


From those early days of working 24/7, Fleet Phoenix has truly arisen from the flames to become a much-loved local institution. 


Fleet Phoenix now provides a proactive approach which enables early intervention to build strong communities. We offer a friendly safe, warm and welcoming environment where young people are not judged and will leave having learned something or having been supported in some way. 

We co-ordinate a variety of innovative youth projects in Hart for young people aged from 11 to 25 years, delivering music and youth clubs and mentoring projects, in addition to tailored individual support and community outreach in both urban and rural areas of the district. We create the opportunities for positive, creative expression to empower young people to take control.

Our work has proven very successful and has enormous potential to improve the lives and wellbeing of those we work with and in turn to have an incredibly positive impact on the communities of Hart.  


We look forward to many years of consistently supporting the young people of Hart to rise from the flames of their challenges.


We believe in early intervention with young people

We believe in building strong communities

We believe in the opportunity for positive expression

We believe in creativity to enable learning

We believe in consistency in our actions and words

Our Values

Meet the Team

The Team

Charlotte Tickner

Managing Director

Wanted to be a fairy when she grew up.

Charlotte Tickner - Teenager.jpg

Gemma Santiago


Wanted to be a sports person when she grew up.

Gemma Santiago - Teenager.jpg

Lucy Page

Worker in Charge

Lucy Page - Teenager.PNG

Wanted to be a midwife when she grew up.


Louise Punchard

Youth Worker

Louise Punchard - Teenager.jpg

Wanted to work with animals when she grew up.


Matt White

Music Tutor/ Support Youth Worker


Wanted to be an international rock star when he grew up.


Claire Hough

Volunteer Support Youth Worker

Clare Hough - Teenager.jpg

Wanted to be a dancer in a musical when she grew up.

Evie Collins - Now.jpg

Evie Collins

Volunteer Support Youth Worker

Evie Collins - Child.jpg

Wanted to be an animator who drew Disney princesses when she grew up.


John Laidlaw

Volunteer Support Youth Worker

Wanted to be a musician when he grew up.

Jon Laidlaw - Teenager.jpg
Emily Compton - Now.jpg

Emily Compton

Volunteer Support Youth Worker

Emily Compton - Child.jpg

Wanted to be a princess when she grew up.

Lydia Farrugia - Now_edited.jpg

Lydia Farrugia

Volunteer Support Youth Worker

Lydia Farrugia - Child.jpg

Wanted to be a killer whale trainer she grew up.

The Trustees

Our Trustees

Brian Coney - Now.JPG

Brian Coney

Brian Coney Teenager

Wanted to study infectious diseases when he grew up.

Sabrina Marnham - Now.jpg

Sabrina Marnham

Sabrina Marnham - Teenager.jpg

Wanted to be an English teacher in an International school when she grew up.

Andrew Kern.jpg

Andrew Kern

Andrew Kern Teenager.jpg

Wanted to be a physicist when he grew up.


Martin Smith

Martin Smith - Teenager.jpeg

Wanted to be a BA pilot when he grew up.

Annette Whibley - Now.jpg

Annette Whibley

Annette Whibley - Child.jpg

Wanted to be a writer when she grew up.

Francis-Marshall - Now_edited.png

Francis Marshall

Francis-Marshall - Teenager_edited.jpg

Wanted to be a millionaire and have a farm  when he grew up.



Whichever job you take on at Fleet Phoenix you will be working at the heart of the community.  You will be working to ensure young people have positive experiences and can thrive in a safe and healthy environment. 

Our team are the foundations of Fleet Phoenix.  You would be helping us to continue to maximise both our reach and the impact of our work. Our team is full of positive, people focused individuals with a real passion for our cause. 

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