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Working in Partnership

Like the young people and families we support, we work with our corporate partners in a bespoke way, tailored to your needs and with clear outcomes. We will work with you to create a successful partnership that is not only inspiring, dynamic and engaging, but mutually beneficial and focused on the objectives of everyone involved. Our experienced and enthusiastic team will work with you to building personalised partnerships which align with your values and meet your strategic business objectives.

As a much-loved local charity we are fast becoming a Hart household name. Associating your company with Fleet Phoenix and supporting the work we do,  will inspire your employees and clients, setting you apart from your competitors and positioning you as a socially responsible business.

We will always actively show our appreciation of your support through our communication channels, promoting our partnerships through our social media channels and on our website, as well as seeking national and industry press to showcase your inspirational stories of support.

How You Can Get Involved

Whether you’re looking for a charity of the year, a long term relationship or a strategic partnership, make us your charity of choice and help us provide support to more young people and their families to prevent them reaching crisis point.

Some ideas of how to get involved:

  • Charity of the year 

  • Cause related marketing

  • Corporate volunteering 

  • Gifts in kind and pro-bono support

Some of Our Local Partners

Sainsbury’s, Tesco, and Marks & Spencer all help through their local stores with food donations, so we are able to create food parcels for our young people and their families.


Sainsbury’s also donates vouchers from their community fund money for us to use in-store so we can fill any gaps in our food bank. 


Morrison’s regularly donates items for different occasions in the year, i.e. Easter eggs, lunches through half term and also were able to be a collection point for our toy donation appeal.


Waitrose, Captured Moment and Durham House also became collection points for our toy donation appeal. 


Waitrose donates bottles for our tombola fundraising stalls plus money through their in-store chosen charity scheme.

Get in Touch

The ideas are endless. If you're interested in working in partnership with us so that together we can help the young people of Hart avoid reaching crisis point, please get in touch.

Captured Moment Fleet

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Durham House

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