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Meet Our New Trustees

Recently we welcomed two wonderful new trustees to the Fleet Phoenix family!

We are so excited to introduce to you, Cat and Sabrina 😊

Cat has recently settled in Fleet and since then has been looking for an opportunity to contribute to the community. Cat has 15 years experience working with young people on a range of projects including programmes for vulnerable young people. So, she wanted to continue this into her volunteering work as she is very passionate about local youth services, advocating for young people and ensuring they all have the same opportunities in life. Cat currently works within the arts sector, so she is very creative not only with workshops and online sessions but also in finding creative ways to fundraise. She also brings with her many other skills including project, team and finance management and working with multi-agencies, many of whom we currently work alongside.

Sabrina has also recently moved to Fleet, but due to the pandemic has not been able to get involved in the local community as quickly as she would have liked. She has however supported financially but has been very keen to give her time to a local charity. Sabrina has dedicated a huge amount of her spare time over the years doing lots of voluntary work including supporting/organising STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) activities, young enterprise projects, fundraising events, refurbishment of children’s services and many more. She has been an avid fundraiser for different local and national charities including running the London marathon for NSPCC. She uses all of her work experience to get fully involved/invested in the charity and her skills to help with the needs of the organisation.

Both ladies started following us on social media during the lockdowns, so they saw the work that Fleet Phoenix did for so many in the local community and admired this and the dedication that was shown by the team.

Cat and Sabrina both bring a wealth of experience, skills, knowledge and enthusiasm to their roles and we cannot wait for both of them to get settled in and we look forward to working with them both.

If you are interested in becoming a trustee or a volunteer, please contact Charlotte

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