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Meet Our Team

Here at Fleet Phoenix, we have a small and dedicated team of staff and trustees who work incredibly hard to support young people and their families. This is through youth clubs, mentoring, advocating for them, summer projects, music tutoring, fundraising and so much more. The team has years of experience in youth work and working in the charity sector.

In later blogs, we will meet each staff member individually, but we wanted to introduce them to you and give you a little information about each one for now.

Charlotte is our Managing Director and the founder of the charity. She has a lengthy background in youth work and has dedicated her life to young people and their families.

She has a big passion for helping and advocating for them, to ensure they get the best support and help possible.

Lucy is one of our Youth Workers in Charge who originally came to Fleet Phoenix as a service user. After finishing health and social care at college, she came back to the charity part-time whilst also working as a maternity support worker. Lucy decided to dedicate herself to youth work and has not looked back. She is now an experienced and integral part of running the charity.

Louise is another one of our Youth Workers in Charge who started at Fleet Phoenix as a volunteer. Louise now runs numerous youth clubs including Jammin, SMART and our Chill and Chat evening. Louise loves to see the progression of young people and is always there for them with encouragement and building confidence.

Matt is a Support Youth Worker and Music Tutor who joined the team teaching drums to the young people at SMART music. He now also works at Jammin, doing outreach and summer projects. Matt is a great member of the team and is always happy to pitch in where he can.

Gemma is our administrator who has worked in many different industries and especially enjoys working in the charity sector. Even though she does not work directly with the young people, she is a big part of the team and helps to ease the admin workload of the team. She also looks after our website and social media.

Jon is one of our amazing Volunteer Support Workers who has given many years to Fleet Phoenix. He works alongside our youth workers at our music projects where he uses his passion of music to help tutor young people on the guitar. Jon is a great asset to the team and brings a wealth of knowledge.

Clare is another one of our amazing Volunteer Support Workers who has been with us for many years. She works alongside our youth workers on outreach projects and other open sessions. Clare is a great part of our team and is always ready to help in any area of youth work including fundraising.

Richard is one of our Music Tutors and teaches the guitar. Like many of our young people, he studied at the ACM in Guildford. Richard has been teaching since 2007 and has been with us for many years. The guitar is an extremely popular instrument, so the young people love that they have him to teach them. We are very lucky to have a talent like Richard working with us.

We currently have five trustees who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to their roles.

Brian, who is also our treasurer and has been volunteering his time for many years, not just with us but Fleet Lions and others too.

Denise has worked in youth services for her whole career in different roles, including working with Charlotte for many years before Fleet Phoenix. She brings a huge amount of knowledge and understanding to help the charity prosper.

Sonja started out as a volunteer, youth worker and fundraiser from the beginning of Fleet Phoenix, so has seen the progression of the charity. She enjoys being able to support the community that she grew up in.

Martin is our newest trustee and has made a big impact already. His family have had direct experience of the work Fleet Phoenix does, so now recently retired he wanted to share his skills and experience to help us continue to provide others with the same support.

Andrew was introduced to Fleet Phoenix through his son who had guitar lessons with us and has seen first-hand, the importance of the charity to young people, so wanted to join the trustees to bring more support to the future of the charity.

We really look forward to introducing everyone over the coming months.

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