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Summer Fun!

The summer holidays are about to start which means one thing at Fleet Phoenix…….

...our summer projects are beginning!!!

In fact, as I write this our first summer project down at The Lea Park is currently going on 😊

The summer projects were originally set up as a response to the police and council wanting support over the summer in slightly more problem areas and for us to build relationships with the children and the families in the local area. This enables us to build trust with the families and to make them aware of the other services that we offer through the charity.

When the children and families attend the summer projects, there are free inflatables to play on, team games, problem solving and youth issues related workshops and experiences but the main thing we do is have lots of fun together, burn off energy and even learn some new skills. The children love playing with their friends and have the chance to meet new friends too. It also gives the parents an opportunity to meet new people, talk with other parents and reach out to us with any questions or issues they may have.

Over the years that we have run the projects, we have built some incredible relationships within the local community and have received such lovely and positive feedback. There are even a few tears from the children, parents, and staff when it is the last week of the project (it goes far too quickly!) and they all can’t wait for next year to come around already.

Below are the details of the three summer projects that we run:

Monday (19th July – 23rd August) 6:30pm – 8pm and is held at The Lea Park, off Larmer Close is for children under 14. This is sponsored by The Fleet Lion Club.

Thursday (29th July – 2nd September) 6:30pm – 8pm and is held at The Views Park in central Fleet, right opposite our office at The Point Youth Centre, this is for ages 13+. This is sponsored by The Fleet Lion Club.

Friday (30th July – 3rd September) 6pm – 7:30pm which is our newest summer project is held at Zebon Copse Community Centre field, this is for ages 13+. This is sponsored by Crookham Village Parish Council.

If you would like any further information about the summer projects, please do not hesitate to contact Lucy at

Hope to see you there!

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